Standard Ash Columns

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Cigarette filter ends take up to 15 years to biodegrade and are toxic to plants and insects. So help to dispose of them in the best possible way.
Our research shows that smokers outside are used to dropping their cigarette ends on the ground and that they tend not to use small wall fixed ash trays. To break this habit the ash tray needs to be “in your face” so that they will see and use it.
Our Bulk Ash Columns draw all smokers to them; they are clearly signed, obvious and are the best answer to this problem..
There is a choice of 2 sizes, both with removal internal canisters – 980mm High / 115mm Diameter, ideal for people standing and 800mm High / 115mm Diameter, the right height for people sitting on benches in the open air. Both with our unique feature, the Extinguishing Lips, designed to make stubbing out easy.
Solid heavy duty steel construction 15kg in weight and finished with 15year galvanised AKZO Nobel powder coat.
The columns can be securely fixed to a location point using the chain and padlock supplied or by bolting to the ground. Need emptying infrequently, just release the lockable (keys provided) vandal proof top and empty the canister into a black sack. No dust, no fumes, no health risk. The cleanest way to dispose of cigarette ends. A blessing to all cleaners.
Original Colour is Bismuth, which is Grey. See Colour EXAMPLE shown in side
If you require a special colour powder coating, please email us with your request – we will reply by return
Our Shelters are generally 25% – 45% cheaper than our nearest competitors and are of a higher spec.
Why? Because you are purchasing direct from the manufacturer – a company with a lean manufacturing policy.

NIM Engineering Ticks All The Boxes

  • Easy onsite Assembly
  • Only D.I.Y skills required
  • UK installation service available
  • Bolts together using stainless steel bolts
  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
  • High quality steel frame
  • 15 year guarantee AKZO
  • Noble powder coat
  • Corrosion and rust free
  • Smoking Shelter can be customized with customer’s own logo
  • Tinted Glass option
  • Drawings available for planning applications
  • Can be dismantled and reassembled
  • Fully Guaranteed

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Ash Columns

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